Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Update

Some Michigan auto insurance reform changes have already gone into effect.  Others start in July 2020.  With so many drivers unaware of the impact of the new law on their current car insurance policy, now is the time to review coverage.  To help identify potential coverage gaps, please consider these questions:

• Are there drivers listed on your policy that do not reside with the named insured?
• Are there residents in the home that are not family members?
• Are there resident family members of driving age that are not listed on your policy?
• Is any vehicle on the policy owned by someone other than the named insured(s), spouse or resident family member?
• Does any driver not listed on the policy have regular use of one of the vehicles?
• Are any vehicles used for business purposes such as Uber or Lyft?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” your existing policy may have a gap in coverage and needs to be reviewed immediately.  Please call us at 248-682-7445 to begin your policy review today.