Is Your Home Ready for the Cold Weather?

Cold weather will be here before you know it in West Bloomfield, MI. You do not want it to take you by surprise and allow it to cost you money for repairs and other losses along the way. Before it gets too cold, consider implementing some of these tips from Phil Klein Insurance Group.

  • Get your heater checked. The last thing you are going to want to deal with this winter is a heater that does not work with freezing temperatures outside. You can avoid this from occurring in your home by getting your heater checked now. Have a professional come out to give it a tune-up and ensure that it is working properly before it gets cold outside. 
  • Prep your pipes. There is no doubt that the temperature will get below freezing at some point this winter. You should make sure that all of your exposed pipes, both inside and outside of your home, have some protective covering to help prevent them from freezing. You can get some good covers from your local hardware store and install these yourself. 
  • Check your windows and doors for leaks. Unless you want to help heat up the outside, you should check for any places your heat can leak out. You should consider caulking your windows as well as checking your doors for any gaps. If you find any, get them fixed so you can save on your heating bills.

Winters in West Bloomfield, MI can be brutal, but you can keep your home safe and protected with these tips and more. Another thing to do is get a great home insurance policy to help protect you from the things that you cannot predict. Contact Phil Klein Insurance Group to get started on your quote today or try our online rating tool.