Homeowner’s Insurance Might Not Cover Removal of Dangerous Trees

Preventing damage from occurring to your home helps keep your home safe. However, that doesn’t mean the work needed to prevent damage will be covered by homeowner’s insurance. For example, your current policy might not pay for a dangerous tree to be removed before it topples onto your home. It would be wise to speak with an insurance agent, such as the Phil Klein Insurance Group, to ensure you have adequate coverage for surprises like this in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

Removal vs. Repair

Homeowners often don’t realize that the removal of dangerous trees isn’t covered by their homeowner’s insurance because that same policy often covers damage from a fallen tree, or tree removal once the tree falls. For some policies, removing a dangerous tree may be viewed as maintenance that the homeowner is responsible for, rather than an actual claim. If it can be proven that the tree became dangerous despite the homeowner’s best efforts to protect the tree, then the policy could conceivably pay for removal. But this is not guaranteed.

You can avoid this mess by re-evaluating your homeowner’s policy and discussing ways to make the policy broader and more likely to cover situations like tree removal. There are still situations in which policy might not cover the removal; for example, if it can be proven that the tree’s condition was the result of bad care from a landscaping company, then you need to deal with the landscaping company.

But to ensure that removal would be covered in cases where it wasn’t clear why the tree became dangerous, speak with an insurance agent serving Bloomfield Hills, MI, such as the Phil Klein Insurance Group. Our agents can help you create a homeowner’s policy that will be more proactive.