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Home Insurance in Michigan

Unlike auto insurance, home insurance is not required by law in Michigan; however, most people living in Michigan understand that home insurance is a valuable investment because houses are expensive and subject to damage by natural disaster, home appliance mishaps, or even theft. When people invest in home insurance, they receive protection against these outcomes yet might be confused by some of the factors that influence their home insurance rates. One of these factors is location. Why does location impact home insurance rates?

Location Impacts the Value of the Home

The most important factor in deciding a home insurance rate is the value of a home. A more expensive home requires a higher degree of protection and mandates a higher rate. When houses change location, their value also changes. This is a subject of the real estate taxes in the area and because there is a higher demand for homes that are located in certain areas. The location will impact the value of the home and therefore impact the home insurance rate as well.

Location Impacts the Safety of the Area

It goes without saying that some areas are safer than others. If a home is located in a safe area of town, it is less likely to broken into. This decreases the chances that the home will be damaged or valuable possessions inside will be stolen. The insurance company will reward this home with a lower rate because they are less likely to have to pay out a claim.

Weather Changes with Location

Obviously, weather changes with location and severe weather can damage a home. A house located on the coast has a greater chance of being damaged by a hurricane. To offset this risk, the insurance company with charge a higher rate.

When residents of West Bloomfield, MI contact the Phil Klein Insurance Group, they know they are getting a strong policy that protects against a variety of mishaps. Citizens in West Bloomfield, MI should contact the Phil Klein Insurance Group for all of their insurance needs.

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